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The Latin American Archaeology & Anthropology (LAAA) web ring is designed to allow the mutual support of people and organizations related to the field. By creating a free, no-strings-attached promotion cycle,  member pages allow visitors to easily grab onto a link a related site.  The sites considered appropriate for the LAAA ring include the following:

If you think your site might fit these categories, or should be considered for inclusion anyway, all you have to do is use the form below to submit the page to the cue, and I'll process your request as soon as I can!  (Note: Businesses, e.g. travel agencies, may also be included but only if their page seems to contain a lot of useful LAAA data, e.g. info about stops along a tour of the Maya world.)


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For your page to be ultimately included in the ring, you have to support the ring yourself.  All that means, is that you have to have a ring banner on your page.  This banner is not an advertising banner, but rather a way for ring-members to allow one anothers' pages to be promoted.  The only thing which will appear in this banner is a way for visitors to click and jump to another LAAA page.  Your banner should look like the one at the bottom of this page.

The code you need to cut & paste onto your page, the infamous "HTMLfragment" that makes the banner appear, is as follows.  Before simply pasting this in and re-publishing your web page, be sure to read it through carefully and customize where necessary.  Do not make alterations to code; only put in the person information wihch is needed, e.g. your webmaster's e-mail address and name, plus your site's ID#.


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This Latin American Archaeology & Anthropology site owned byNicholas Corduan.
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