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For your benefit,  the links listed below are all reviewed.  I have not included any links which I have not personally visited. Hopefully, you will find the commentary of assistance in planning the rest of your internet exploration of the Moche.  If there are sites for which you would like to offer commentary, as well, please feel free to drop me a line.  And please include any opinions you may have when recommending a link.


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Links last updated 20 August 1998




Richard Schaedel . . . A small but nice tribute to the great Americanist, written by Herbert H. Eling, Jr.

John Hoopes: ANTH 508, Civilizations of the Andes . . . Site with the curriculum for that course as well as several very handy links. Well put together, too!

David Wilson . . . This page gives a nice overview of some of Wilson's studies of the North Coast of Peru which have included the Santa Valley Project, among others. The page tells a little about how he get to this point in his career and where he's planning on going.

NewNicholas Corduan . . . The home-page of the author of Huaca del Moche.


General Moche Items

"A Certain Herb Called Coca" . . . A thesis written by Jeffrey Voris describing the use of coca in the Andes, including by the Moche. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks impressive at a glance. If you've read it, please drop me a line!.

A Visual Text: History of Architecture Catalogue for Hypertext by Humberto L. Rodriguez-Camilloni, Ph.D. and Abbye A. Gorin, M.S., is a huge hypterext document which contains numerous images dealing with the Moche, in the third "chapter." Unfortunately, I cannot attest to the quality of the images because they are only viewable from within the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. If that's where you are, please let me know what the pictures are like!

NewHotArquelogia: Proyecto Ai Apaec . . . Wow!  This entire page is incredible, chock full of simply amazing graphics (a number of which are through-put to the Huaca del Moche) and tons of great information.  The La Cultura Moche section is very scholarly, and some pages there have English versions.  Highlights are a piece on Moche Music & Dance and an extrmeley detailed and academic piece on the Huaca de la Luna.  Other bits are Moche Iconography, Moche Photographs, El Brujo, Panamarca, the Moche Priestess, and more.  If you don't check this page out and spend some quality time there, you are doing yourself a major disservice!

International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza . . . The sub-page that this link goes to has a nice, expandable image of a Moche pottery vessel, and all the stats on the vessel (size, dating, etc...). Not a lot of stuff here, but still worthwhile.

Manchester Museum, Department of Ethnology . . . A nice, compact homepage with info on the museum and a couple of OK images, a Moche portrait head and a Nazca vessel.

NewMoche and Chimu Cultures . . . A brief overview of the Moche culture, part of a package to promote tourism. Very quick and concise, but solid information.  Welll worth a read-through.

Museum of American Art of Maldonado Foundation . . . Museum's Spanish-language homepage with a lot of nice thumbnails which are expandable into huge, high-quality images, including a single, excellent Moche pictures. There is also a useful English mirror site.

HotParallels between Moche and Maya or other Mesoamerican iconographies . . . This is a synthesis written by Lloyd Anderson. It's not a thesis, so don't expect a lot of elaborate writing, or for him to connect the dots for you, but if you're interested in a solid catalog of similarities of Moche iconography with other symbollic libraries, with some tentative classifcation and brief commentary, this page is unsurpassable.

HotParallels, Patterns & Politics: Art of the Moche & Maya . . . Conference notes by Lloyd Anderson. A treasure of information -- some of the latest Moche theory available. This is one of the nice things about the internet: some of the stuff in here is incredible, but has yet to reach print. Notes on papers read by leading scholars including, but far from limited to, McClelland, Donnan, and Benson. The comparative stuff with the Maya is also very interesting.


Specific Moche Items of Interest

NewHotLas Huacas del Sol y de la Luna . . . Great site!  Quick-loading, numerous small graphics, and loads and loads of information.  Has some of the best Moche overview material on the web, and innumerable tidbits about these two huacas. The site is operated by the Project Huaca de la Luna out of the University of Trujillo.

Las Tumbas Reales de Sipan . . . An outstanding, Spanish-language site with a brief overview of the Sipan site and several thumbnail images which expand into large, high-res photos of Moche items found at Sipan.

MCI ConnexionLatina: Royal Tombs of Sipan . . . A slickly put together, if technically simple page. Some really nice pictures and some good info, but unfortunately none of it is documented, so where it comes from is known only to the anonymous author. Biggest knock -- no real reference to Donnan, who, next to Alva, has probably done the most work there.

Peru: Pais Arquelogicio -- Sipan . . . A moderate-rated Spanish-language page on the Sipan site with a couple of decent photographs. It has useful information at the bottom in case you want to visit the area, as well.

Sipan and Sican . . . A handful of decent images -- one a really nice scenic shot to establish the setting, the others artifacts on grey backgrounds. There is a short, simple overview of Sipan, paired with one on the Sican/Lambayeque culture. Mostly designed to attract attention to InnerPeru tours. There is a Spanish Mirror site.

NewTumbas Reales de Sipan . . . A slow site with oodles of high-res transparent gifs which can take a while to load and only so-so after the wait.  Navigation is awkward and unaided by directions.  To get around you have to just click on images and see where you get taken.  Information presented is pretty basic.


Moche in the News!

Archaeology Sept/Oct 1996 . . . Slickly put together article on the Online Archaeology Magazine, about the recovery of a Moche artifact.

Image from Archaeology article.


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