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This page is an in-progress catalog of Moche sites. The sites are organized more or less alphabetically within a classification system.  First, the sites are grouped by valley, and the valleys are arranged alphabetically.  After the name of the valley will appear a brief overview of the sites within that valley.  Then will follow an alphabetically sequenced list of the habitation and burial sites within the valley.  After that, any specific structures (e.g. the Huaca del Sol) will be discussed, also in an alphabetical list.  Most web-browsers have a search function; in lieu of a site-searching script on my end, this is the best option if you're looking for information on a specific site but do not know in which valley it is located.  It is hoped that in the very near future navigation via map will be possible.



Casma River Valley

The Casma Valley is not one of the more famous places of Moche occupation, but it is home to one of the most famous of all the Moche sites, Panamarca.Project Ai Apaec (U. of Trujillo)

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Chicama River Valley

The Chicama valley was one of the three most important during the formative years of the Moche.  Therefore, there are many sites within the valley, but most of them are extremely early and perhaps not as glamorous as those in other valleys where sites are filled with excite Phase IV pottery.  The valley's inhabitants were protected by a fortress called Facal, and they made use of a number of structures, including the Huaca del Brujo and Huaca Prieto.

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Moche River Valley

As far as is currently known, there were three main residential areas in the Moche valley, apart from an elite zone between Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol: Cerro Blanco, Huanchaco, and Orejas. Two of these three, Cerro Orejas and Huanchaco, are thought to have been carry-overs from the earlier Gallinazo civilization.  Near where the Moche River empties into the Pacific Ocean are two of the most famous Moche structures, the Huaca de la Luna and the Huaca del Sol.


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Santa River Valley

In the Santa Valley there were four main habitation sites: Hacienda Tanguche, Pampa Blanca Pampa de los Incas, and Tambo Real.  There were also a handful of other minor sites scattered about the margins of this heavily cultivated and rain-eroded valley.  For extensive information on all these sites, please read Donnan's Moche Occupation of the Santa Valley Peru, which is a very thorough presentation of and analysis of the data gathered during his field time there.


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Viru River Valley

The Viru valley, while presumed to be one of the most important valleys for the Moche's formative period, is home to only one major site, and this was an adopted and converted Gallinazo site. Futhermore, this site was not even taken over until fairly late in the Moche chronology, perhaps in the late third or fourth phase.

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